Jess Vinicunca November 2016
Mt. Vinicunca, Peru c. 2016

Hi there.

Thanks for stopping by to read.

If you don’t already know me,

I am:

-A Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) serving in Oxapampa, Perú, 2018-2020.

-Third-generation from New Hampshire… transplanted to Wyoming by way of Washington State.

-A small business owner and project manager.

-Great at herding cats; A human companion for a 12-year old black Labrador named Cabot; and terrible keeping plants alive.

-Have a fierce case of loyalty and a wicked sense of humor.

-Volunteering in the CED (Community Economic Development) program.

I love notes, any notes, so if you’re reading please say hello!

Please excuse any unintentionally offensive sarcasm you find here. There is plenty afoot. I am just keeping friends at home assured I am doing just fine and adjusting accordingly.


You can sign-up for emails for each (so far, weekly) post. You can also contact me directly at: rice[dot]jess[at]gmail.com, or email me for my WhatsApp/Perú number.

Update: July 2018

Hermana Jessica Rice, Cuerpo de Paz Perú 31

Apartado NO. 120 SERPOST La Merced

La Merced, Chanchamayo, Junín, PERU

m: 955895172

Please note: 1) This mailbox is 2 hours away AND I am very eager to go on a field trip. 2) It costs a lot of money to send me stuff – only send it USPS and to SERPOST 3) Keep packages under 1lb (or to not appear worth $100) or they get sent to Customs Jail in Lima. 4) Customs Jail is as arbitrary and random as my blog posts, so don’t send me anything that you’ll be sad goes missing. 5) The last numbers are my Peru cell phone and they will call me if it gets lost. Place them in the spot you would look if you were lost. 6) There are lots more rules but let’s experiment together.



5 Replies to “About”

  1. You are so cute. Your excitement, humor, wit, and vulnerability are all shining through in your sharing here, and I am sure with your training group as well. I am so proud of you, for all the ways you fling yourself into the deep end, and force yourself to strive. I know you must be exhausted. Keep up the good work, and know that I have lots of fairy dust on hand for you. XOX

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  2. Reading your blog makes me: adore you even more; want to visit you in Peru; envy your writing skills; convinced that you are, indeed, my other little sister; remember your strength and spirit; and want to give you a big hug!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi JP! Thanks for your note. It was like a big giant crashing rocket of a hug in the middle of day 40 crossing a glacier in a lightning storm. Oh wait. That was in 2000. I am honored you are also enjoying my writing! Big love to you and know that this note keeps giving me booooooost.


  3. Jess you are incredible. Reading your blog evokes so many emotions. This work – this leap, this life shifting adventure is alot to take in, but you are strong and courageous! Cow Foot Jello. Your wit and honesty is appreciated as always. All the while giving us facts and snipits of your story as a PCV. Sending love, staying tuned…

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