Tour de Despedidas [Week One]

Aaaaaaaaaand I’m back.

1. June 12-July 12 is a return trip to Perú for proper saludos and goodbyes.

2. No laptop + falta Internet speed means short, sweet, and very random posts.

(If I am no longer subject to 1000 Peace Corps rules I can drive motorbikes and post without consistent content formatting.) #REBEL.

3. First stop: Depart Wyoming for my eighth appointment at the National Institute of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland.

View of Washington Monument and Capitol Mall

Prognosis: “You’re fine.” ✅

Two more appointments left at six and twelve months. More blood and pictures.

4. Second stop: DC to NYC to Lima then Trujillo, a city 8-10 hours north of Lima on the coast of Peru.

Lima to Trujillo; blue dot Oxapampa

5. Attend a stunning Peruvian-North American wedding where [past fellow] PCV [future fellow RPCV] Megan-Eileen got hitched to her longtime Peruvian sweetheart, José.

Catholic Ceremony in the Historic Cathedral in Trujillo Plaza de Armas

If there was a PhD awarded for completing a dissertation executing Peace Corps goals 1-3, Megan-Eileen would have at least two doctorates after this event.

Procession after Civil Ceremony (Peru requires a civil ceremony for legal paperwork)
First Dance 💃🏻
Peru 31 PCV Steve V. still remains strong!

6. Sunday, 6/16/19: Delayed flight to Lima, missed last flight to Jauja. Oh yeah, this is Peru. I have no control over anything. Adapt! Improvise with a night bus to Oxapampa and a seat mate who made weird noises, smells, and changed his television screen with his bare feet.

Feeling right back at home already.

7. Surprise my host family at 6am a day early. Everyone was still asleep. Eventually, they heard me talking to Site Mate B in the streets and I was greeted with hugs and tears and fried eggs and bread.

It feels like I have been gone less than a weekend, instead of 6 months.

8. Resume life in Peru as if I had just had just stepped out for an elaborately long dream.

Vamos a ver.

Parting Shot:

Shower buddy!


15 Replies to “Tour de Despedidas [Week One]”

  1. I’ll miss this (I HAVE missed this) but we will find ways to enjoy your sarcastic, witty humor in another forum, right?! ♥️

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  2. What the hell is that in the shower with you?! 😱 Whatever it is, it must feel so clean after a 🚿 . 🤮 it’s been 6 months already?!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Much love, big hugs, and peaceful thoughts for you!! You have helped me sort out many issues regarding how to write the next chapter of my life. Decided not to go the PC route; not a good fit for this introverted, rebellious aging human. Heading down to Costa Rica instead, to help take care of rescued sloths and monkeys.

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