Service Week 42 [Spri-Polar]

Chatting with Site Mate B about current road access to Oxapampa: giphy

One-sentence summary: A bug-infested forced limbo-re-entry is harder than I thought and I have a really loving tribe of friends.


Right Now: Mike is much much deader. Heading to NIH for a check-up tomorrow.

IMG_4364 (1)
Stroll at Sol’s Narnia Ranch

Week 42 was a full week back in Wyoming mostly spent in my pajamas with an occasional walk, side of Scrabble, and constant hamster wheel over-analysis of what the hell is next.

Quality Gaming at Home with Home Keepers

By the end of a quiet warm Spring week, it dumped about two feet of snow in Lander, Wyoming, while my region in Peru got 16 hours of rain and landslides. There is no longer pasé to Lima. Hashtag, **rainy season** folks.

Road from La Merced to Oxapampa

Willy, Tina and Cabot gave me a ride to Casper this morning at 5am. I’ve just now landed in Bethesda, Maryland. Tomorrow is NIH appointments and I will have a final decision about returning to service by Friday. If you’re just tuning in, you missed out. Phone a friend.

IMG_4357Enjoy the pictures. I am saving up all my clever words, metaphors, and sarcasm for negotiations starting tomorrow.

Note to dedicated readers and chisme-fans: If someone hasn’t already placed a betting pool on the outcome at this point you are all missing out on some fun.

Vamos a ver.

Parting Shot

KBS helped me buy a new rain-proof currier bag for the rainy season of Oxapampa and here I test drive it in the frozen rainy season:


Mailing Address

I’ll just have NIH insert a tracker with live reporting


7 Replies to “Service Week 42 [Spri-Polar]”

  1. I’m like Aliya and hoping the same thing as Wallie says, too. Loving and missing you, my dear. Thank you for the pictures and update. It is greatly appreciated. (PS Pip says you two had a great chat. Love her, too!).

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  2. Get ye to the Southern Hemisphere once more!! Been a long time since I’ve hugged you for reals, but I still got em in me to you. I so admire the way you wear your big girl pants…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I so admire the way you wear your big girl pants. Get ye back to the Southern Hemisphere! Even though it’s been a long time since I’ve given you a real hug, I’ve still got em in me to you!

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